There is still so much we DON'T know about the coronavirus. But one thing we DO know is how important it is to wash our hands. Medical professionals have stressed this over just about everything else.

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Seems like an easy precautionary step we can take to hopefully help limit the spread of COVID-19. So keeping that in mind, the Evansville Improvement District is installing some temporary hand washing stations throughout the downtown Evansville area. You'll notice the stations at the following locations.

  • Sixth at Sycamore, in front of the METS bus terminal
  • Riverside drive at Main Street
  • Main at Fourth Street
  • Ingle at Sixth, next to the entrance to United Caring Services
  • Vine at Second, next to the entrance to the YWCA
  • The handwashing stations will be deployed initially for a period of thirty days.

The EID has also created a special webpage to provide updated information about how COVID-19 is affecting downtown Evansville. Visit to get more information.

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