There is a hidden gem on S. Green River Road that offers really amazing, hand-made products and raises money for an amazing cause. It's the fair-trade market at Uncharted International.

Uncharted International

You can see that Stacey and I love our blankets. They are so beautiful and so comfortable and there is an amazing story behind each and every blanket! These blankets are hand-made by women (adult orphans and widows) at the Loom House in Myanmar. By purchasing these blankets, you are giving these women a purpose and allowing them to live a more independent lifestyle. Learn more about the Loom House here.

But the market includes more than just blankets. You can also choose from jade bracelets, bead bracelets, backpacks and more. You can shop online or visit the market at 400 S. Green River Rd. The market at Uncharted International is open M-F from 9am-5pm. Call (8120402-1886 for more information.

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