How do you get a frog to jump on command, and to do it in the direction you need to go? It's not easy, I can tell you that much. Stacey and I did our best during the celebrity frog race at this year's Frog Follies.

In all my 20+ years of working in radio, I can't believe I've never been a part of this annual tradition. Now that I have a taste for it, I can't wait to do it again next year. I want that trophy!

Stacey and I are really competitive, and we both really wanted to win. For Stacey, that meant bending the rules (cheating) as much as possible. The idea is to put a feather in your mouth...get on your hands and knees...and 'tickle' the frog until is starts to jump. Well Stacey grabbed two feathers, and she never once got down on the ground. At one point I picked up our frog and ran with him towards the finish line. Despite both of our efforts, we still didn't win. Dang!

It was definitely all in good fun and helped raise money and awareness for the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center.

Congrats to Brianna Williams from WEOA (pictured below) who won the race and that sweet trophy.

frog race winner

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