The EVPL Foundation is hosting their Spring Mini Book Sale this weekend. The event will take place Saturday March 6th from 10A-2P.  The event is drive up style at EVPL Central, so you won't even have to leave your vehicle to get in on the sale.  And it's a good sale too! You can get a bag of 10 books for $5 or 10 DVDs for $10.  They're separated by genre, so it'll be a guessing game to see what you get.

Here's what EVPL says about the event:

A bag of ten books for $5 or a bag of ten DVDs for $10 will be available for purchase. Each bag will be curated by genre, and titles will be selected by EVPL staff. The sale will be cash only.
The sale will be held outside the receiving garage in the parking lot of EVPL Central from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Individuals will drive up to a designated area, indicate their genre or genres of interest, pay, and receive their bag of books or DVDs.

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Ten books for $5 or ten DVDs for $10 is such a steal! I also like that the bags will be curated by genre, so it'll kind of be like a mystery grab bag.  This would definitely be a fun way to support our local libraries, while potentially scoring some gems yourself. Who knows a book you never would have picked up, but got in the grab bag may end up being your new favorite book. This definitely sounds like a fun way to explore new books and movies you may have not otherwise checked out.

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