Deaconess Women's Hospital is providing something to help parents of little ones when out at the county fairs this year.

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Happy mother playing with her baby

What is a Snuggle Station?

At the Warrick County Fair and Vanderburgh County Fairs this year, Deaconess Women's Hospital announced they will be providing a Snuggle Station each evening from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  So what is a Snuggle Station?  It's a place where moms can go to feed their babies, get a break from the heat, and change diapers.

Here is what Deaconess Women's Hospital had to say about the Snuggle Station on Facebook:

Moms - If you visit the Warrick and Vanderburgh County Fair, our Snuggle Station is open for business each evening from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM. You can get out of the heat to feed and change your baby.
Warrick County Fair 7/18 - 7/23
Vanderburgh County Fair 7/25 - 7/30
Thank you to Basden's American RV Center | Evansville, IN for donating the RV that we are utilizing for our Snuggle Station at both the Warrick County and Vanderburgh County Fairs.

Tired mom with her newborn baby

Very Helpful For Parents of Babies

As a new mom myself, this is absolutely something I appreciate.  While Riley is now 9 months old (can you even believe that??) and he's getting a little more independent each day, he's still a baby, and taking him to events can be quite a struggle.  When he's hot he doesn't understand and it makes him fussy, plus not to mention trying to find a place to change a diaper at events can sometimes be a struggle. So something like this would actually be a huge help and make events more fun for my whole family.  It would provide a place for me to take Riley to get him out of the heat for a bit, and a place where if I needed to change his diaper, I could do that easily and in the air conditioning.  I appreciate that Deaconess Women's Hospital will be providing something like this, I know this would absolutely be a huge help for me and my family!

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