If you have ever worked at a grocery store, you know the terror of multiple-cart orders. Back when I worked at Buehler's Buy Low in Princeton, we would open a special register when the group homes did their shopping. I would actually see how fast I could check them out, so I could improve my items per minute scanned. I'm a nerd, I know.

Last week, the folks at Granted were able to purchase six cart loads of essentials for their Granted families. This shopping trip wasn't for a specific wish to granted. This was part of the extra services that Granted provides to their wish kids and families. Several organizations made this shopping trip possible: Ziemer Funeral Home, Prairie Farms Dairy, and the North First Ave. Walmart Neighborhood Market. Susan and Corey want to especially thank Quitta, she was the cashier that rang up the six carts, and a bystander named Shannon, that helped load everything into their vehicle.

 "It was my pleasure! I love that you guys do this! If you ever need help doing anything at all let me know! Now that I’m commenting you have my Facebook info! I love what you do for these kiddos!" - Shannon Wilhite
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Granted, formerly Wish Upon A Star, is a community based nonprofit agency located in Evansville Indiana. Serving a population area of over one million people, our organization grants wishes to children who reside in the areas of Southern Indiana, Southeastern Illinois and Western Kentucky.

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