One of the fun things about it being cold and snowy outside is getting to go sledding. It's kind of the best way to make lemonade out of lemons. One of the most infamous sledding hills in Evansville is of course Reitz Hill. When it snows you can go to Reitz hill and see a ton of people there bundled up and carrying sleds. Some people even get creative, using pool floats, Rubbermaid container lids, and even baby pools as sleds (hey whatever works)!  Many residents in the area don't mind at all to have the guests in their neighborhood area, but one resident recently posted some photos of the trash left behind.

This is a reminder, when you go sledding somewhere, please be respectful of the area, and pick up after yourself. One Evansville resident shared the following to Facebook:

I would like to show you what I woke up to this morning after 2 days of people coming up to sled in front of my house. Swim floats, plastic bins, cardboard, trash, socks & yes, even an old bath tub. Even worse, I stepped onto my side porch last night (in the dark) to get my mail when 2 men came up behind me from my back yard, doing God knows what. They claimed they lost a cell phone. My response is you shouldn’t have been on my property to begin with. We’ve had people come in our yard to urinate, smoke dope, sit on our steps to rest, you name it. If you wanna come up here to sled, fine, but PLEASE leave with everything you brought and try to have some respect for the people who live here!

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The resident, who asked to stay anonymous, shared several photos as well.  Please remember when you go sledding at a local place like Reitz Hill, the houses around there belong to real people.  Those are real homes, please treat their homes as you'd want strangers to treat yours.

See photos of the trash left behind below.

Photos of Trash Left from Sledding at Reitz Hill

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