During his press conference on March 31st, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb recognized, Evansville, Mayor Winnecke, and a huge portion of Southern Indiana.

In these uncertain times we're living in, one thing that gives me hope is seeing people come together.  People are all helping and pitching in, in the best ways they know how.  On March 31st during his press conference Governor Holcomb recognized the Evansville region for coming together with the COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund.

I wanted to update you on some exciting news coming out of Evansville Indiana, in fact, the whole southwestern portion of our state. Multiple counties, Mayor Winnecke down in Evansville, and other community leaders in that region set up a COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund.  This brought together Posey, Vanderburgh, Warrick, Spencer, Gibson, counties all together.  They set a goal to raise $6-million to help on the human services front.  When they unveiled that lofty goal they already had $1.4 million toward the effort. Over the weekend they received another pledge of $500,000, a matching fund, they've already received another $300,000 towards that.  So by my math, that's a little over $2.2 million toward that $6 million goal that will go right into the front lines.  The very organizations that are helping the most vulnerable. So I salute those local leaders for stepping up right now. This just epitomizes for me, the joint exercise we find ourselves in, the local, the state, and the federal charge that we all share. So congratulations to those leaders.

It's great to see our area recognized for being proactive.  Together we will get through this. You can see Governor Holcomb's entire press conference below, but the Evansville part starts at the 10:36 mark.

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