I've come to the conclusion that garbage men should be considered some of the unsung heroes in our community. Not only is their job super important - collecting and disposing all of our trash, and keeping our streets and neighborhoods clean - but we've also seen, time and again, that the garbage men themselves are pretty doggone important.

One garbage man, in particular, is extra special to Nash Hart. The 3-year-old makes sure he's always outside on trash day. He doesn't want to miss his chance to see his garbage man, Wayne Lakes, and his super cool Advanced Disposal truck. Nash even has his own big green truck, just like the one he sees each week! Wayne notices his little fan too, and to show his appreciation, he recently made a special delivery that put a big ol' smile on Nash's face.

When he got to the Hart's house this week, Wayne hopped down out of his truck so he could give Nash, and his sister, a handful of stickers - after all, there isn't a kid alive who doesn't love stickers! You can see Nash's reaction below.

This is the kind of story we need to see and hear more often. I know moments like this are happening all the time in communities around the country, and I'm so glad we got a from row seat for Nash's special delivery.

This small and thoughtful act, which literally took 30 seconds of Wayne's time, made such a big impression on this sweet little boy, and on all of us too, right? I mean, you can't watch these videos without a few goosebumps popping up. If you can, you're soulless and you need help!

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