I don't think that Bert Wheat has ever met a stranger. When you talk to him, you can immediately tell that he has a giving heart. As the owner of The Diamond Galleria, he has the opportunity to serve nonprofits in several ways. He sponsors events, hosts in-store fundraisers (When possible) and raises money with the  5+5=Love Program. That is a really cool fundraiser that saves you 5% on select purchases, while 5% is donated to charities. $20,000 was distributed to fifteen local charities this week, from the  5+5=Love Program.

Bert had this to say about his fundraising efforts; “Over the years, we’ve discovered that the more we do for the community, the more it comes back to us. The satisfaction of helping those in need is its own good. To us it is simple. If we want the Evansville community to support us, we need to be talking the talk and walking the walk. We are focused on helping our community."

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