If you have ever owned a dog there's a good chance that you understand just how much of a member of the family they become.  The same goes for these police dogs.  These dogs work hard and serve our community with their handlers, and then go home where they are beloved pets.  Unfortunately today May 26th, the Evansville Police department made the sad announcement that they had to say goodbye to one of their own, K9 Abot.

Sgt. Thomas and EPD K9 Abot have served the Evansville community for the better part of a decade together.  The two have been serving our community for almost 8 years.  Unfortunately, after suffering a medical emergency, K9 Abot was found to have several tumors that made his condition terminal.  Here is what the Evansville Police Department posted to Facebook:

From the desk of EPD Lt. Hoover:

It is with great sadness that I announce the End of Watch for EPD K9 Abot.
Abot and Sgt. Thomas have been faithfully serving the Citizens of Evansville for over 7 ½ years.
Yesterday, Abot was observed to be suffering from a medical condition and he was rushed to the Vet. This morning Sgt. Thomas took Abot to a specialist in Louisville, where it was found that Abot had several tumors around his heart and spleen. K9 Abot will be laid to rest behind his K9 brother Bobi. Fly high Abot. We will take it from here.
Our hearts go out to the Evansville Police Department, especially Sgt. Thomas.  Thank you EPD K9 Abot for your service to our community.

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