I've always been a fan of the spooky, weird side of life so when I get the chance to learn about a creepy destination, I'm in.  I especially love when it's close to home so I don't have to travel far to visit.  I recently had a friend (thanks Kevin!) visit Blackfoot Cemetery, and they said it was a great place to visit.

So what's the story?  Well according to HauntedPlaces.org:

Blackfoot Cemetery has graves that date as far back as the 1800s and is a hot spot for the ghostly folk, some say. Witnesses have described eerie lights, unexplained sounds, and one grave that appears to be separate from all the others. According to local legend, the grave belongs to a witch.

AGraveInterest also had this to say about paranormal experiences at the Blackfoot Cemetery:

Down a lonely country road, Blackfoot Cemetery appears to be a quiet haven of peace, but visitors have reported seeing shadows dash past and hearing voices and noises whose sources could not be found. Legend has it that a grave set off by itself is that of a witch. When darkness falls, the cemetery takes on a life of its own – lights and orbs dart past, and the noises get louder, more intense.

So let's check out some photos of the cemetery, shall we? And remember, if you do decide to check out Blackfoot Cemetery for yourself, please  remember, even though many of these graves date back to well over 100 years ago, the people buried here are someone's loved ones so please respect that.

Check Out Photos from Blackfoot Cemetery in Oakland City

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