Did you catch the huge riverboat passing through the Newburgh riverfront?  Well it turns out it's on quite the journey!

Caesar's Southern Indiana is a casino located in Elizabeth Indiana just outside of Louisville.  It was at one time a riverboat casino known as Caesars The Glory of Rome that has now moved onto land.  In Evansville we're all too familiar with that transition. We just recently said goodbye to our own riverboat casino to welcome our new land casino the Tropicana.  Caesar's of Southern Indiana recently made the same transition from riverboat casino to a new land casino.

According to WDRB The Glory of Rome set sail in 1998 and is the largest riverboat in the U.S.  However it closed in 2019 to make room for a huge land casino that opened in December of 2019, Caesar's Southern Indiana.

It left it's home outside of Louisville on August 11th, and made its way through our area this morning.  Today (August 13th) it rolled (sailed, steamed, flowed?) through Newburgh.  Thankfully Penny Aylsworth Denning in Newburgh saw it and captured some great shots below! Thank you Penny for sharing these incredible photos! It's so cool to see a riverboat floating down the Ohio again!

See Photos of Caesar's The Glory or Rome Riverboat Passing Through Newburgh

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