Search for a home for your family can be scary, but finding your dream home and then later finding out the history behind it can be even scarier.

That's what happened to a couple looking for a dream home. They find this six-bedroom 7-bathroom home in a perfect setting and that they hit the jackpot when they offered was accepted. In an interview the couple did with NPR, it was later discovered that the couple bought the house where the book (and then later a movie) The Exorcist was written. Now, the book is based on a real-life incident that happened in 1949.

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The story goes, a 14-year old boy who became possed by a demon at his home in Maryland. Years later, 'The Exorcist' heard about the story and wrote a novel, which was then turned into a movie in 1973. After doing some research the couple did find that there were NO exorcists in the home that they purchased, but as you can see throughout the home it's decorated very eclectic and with tons of statues and pictures. To be honest, I am surprised there is not a room filled with dolls (that would totally freak me out).

The house didn't come cheap either, it was listed for $3.2 million in the neighborhood that the novel was set. This story has a moral to it, always, always, always do your research on a house, because once you sign the papers it's yours, bad history and all. It will be interesting to see if the couple goes all out for Halloween next year and decorates it like the movie.

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The house looks amazing and worth every penny, but would you live in a house where 'The Exorcist' was written?

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