It's not a secret that I love chocolate --particularly after a meal. The other day I went to get some chocolate after my lunch but it was a huge bar and I just ate a few pieces of it. (obviously I am not going to eat the whole thing- duh) 


Here is the problem- now I have to babysit this big ol' chocolate bar in the 100 degree summer. I had to make sure it stayed in my briefcase during the day but then I went to the gym. I took it out and switched it to my gym bag and took it in.
Well, the gym is so hot that my damn chocolate bar melted IN MY BAG. WHAT?!?! All that effort and it started melting. SO- I went into MacGyver mode.

It was so weird- I just knew what to do.

I needed a bag.
I found a bag of napkins and took them out

I needed ice.
I put ice it the bag and gave my chocolate bar an ice bath.


It took some time and few minutes but the chocolate bar was resuscitated into into proper form and the day was saved. So- with this being said. It there is a will..there is a way. (and my will is pretty strong.)

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