My Susan G. Komen BigWig campaign is in the homestretch, and I figured my pink wig could use a fresh look. So I paid a visit to my barber Alex at The Parlour.

Alex is able to work his magic each month on my actual hair, and I had no doubt that he could work that same magic on my ridiculous wig. This was definitely not an easy request, but my man did the best he could under the circumstances, and now I'm much more comfortable in my wig!

If you'd like Alex to work some of his magic on your noggin, check out his shop The Parlour Barbershop at 4711 Theater Drive on the east side of Evansville.

Please, please, please donate to my campaign...time is running out! Remember that your donations go to Susan G. Komen and the amazing work they are doing for breast cancer research and treatment.

Bobby G. and Alex Rocha
Bobby G. and Alex Rocha

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