When it come to competitions within the G family, my kids don't get a free pass just because they are my kids. Whether we are outside playing ball or at the kitchen table playing a board game, I never just 'let' my kids win. Having said that, I'm not always trying my hardest to defeat them either. I may not always give it 100 percent, but I also don't do anything to intentionally lose. I want them to know the joy of legitimately beating me. That should be an awesome feeling - because I'm pretty good at most things. Haha...I kid, I kid!

Oh yeah, I'm also a pretty big stickler for the rules, at least when it comes to board games. I guess I just figure that if you're gonna play a game, you might as well play by the rules and play to win. There's nothing wrong with that, right? My family doesn't always agree with that philosophy.

What do you think Liberty will have to say about my confession? Do you think she is the same way with her son Chase? Watch the video to see, although you probably already know the answer.

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