Last year, I was so proud of the gift I found for Bobby on his birthday. He's a huge Alex Trebek fan so I looked everywhere for his Funko Pop!. Bobby was super surprised, and now Mr. Trebek lives on his desk. For Christmas I got him a nice Cubs tumbler. Another winner in the gift-giving arena. I knew his birthday was coming up (September 16) but I just couldn't think of something other than a gift card. Those are nice, but boring. 

I waited until the very last minute, and asked my husband Doug to go pick something out. Now, he has a history of getting gifts that mean well, but sort of miss the mark. Our friend Hilary was having a birthday party for her dog, and I had been out of town, so I trusted him to pick out her gift. Guess what he bought? Cat toys. Who brings cat toys to a dog party? Geeze.

Knowing that back story will make this video even funnier for you.

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