Did you know that Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb had plans to name Indiana's State Sandwich the Breaded Tenderloin?

In 2021, Gov. Holcomb declared popcorn as the State Snack, and now he wants to claim the breaded tenderloin for us. It makes sense. The breaded tenderloin has a deep - Or should I say deep-fried - History in Indiana.

Nisbet Inn
Nisbet Inn

At the 41:00 point in the press conference, Governor Eric Holcomb gives us a promising outlook for the breaded tenderloin.

"I'll say this one last thing, and it won't be the most important thing that I say this year. We do have something else on our agenda. We're gonna settle the question once and for all - What is the official state sandwich of Indiana? There will be a bill. We do have authors. And it will be the breaded tenderloin. I will not let that get away from us."

Indiana Senate Bill 322

Senator Andy Zay authored the breaded tenderloin bill for this 2023 session. Obviously, this was a fun bill added to ease the stress of the bills dealing with budgets. It appears that Bill 322 has run its course, and for now, Indiana will remain without an official sandwich.

Breaded tenderloin as the state sandwich. Designates the breaded tenderloin sandwich as the official state sandwich of Indiana.

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Breaded Tenderloin Fun Fact

Indiana Senator Andy Zay authored the bill to name the breaded tenderloin as Indiana's State Sandwich because of a certain diner. Nick's Kitchen has been serving up breaded tenderloins in Huntington, Indiana since 1908. Huntington is Senator Zay's hometown.


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