Two of my favorite things have come together! My love of Slayer, and my love of helping animals!

As you may have gathered from me, I'm kind of a bleeding heart when it comes to animals.  Especially rescue animals. I have two dogs, they're both rescues, and kind of the coolest.  So having them has really made me want to pour my heart into helping rescue animals like them!

So when I saw this shirt I couldn't help myself! You see I LOVE Slayer, and I LOVE Pit Bulls, both of my dogs are rescued pit bulls, so when I this shirt popped up on my social media, you betcha I hit BUY quicker than I've ever purchased something online before!

The proceeds from this shirt, go to Spay and Neuter Nation, a nonprofit that raises awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering your pets, to help prevent pet overpopulation. So here's my Bob Barker moment, please spay and neuter your pets! And if you want to support Spay and Neuter Nation you can! You can purchase this shirt, here! They also have a cat version if you're more of a cat person, kitties need to be spayed and neutered too!


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