My friend was searching for 'Evansville events' and came across this and sent it to me. I couldn't believe my eyes.

fat comment

I am sure the person who wrote it was trying to be funny. However, this is not funny. People are already nervous to go to their reunion without this kind of a comment.

They may specifically be nervous to come because of their weight. After reading that, they surely won't go or if they do still go will probably be even more nervous. Some may have read it and didn't think anything of it. But that doesn't negate the turmoil it causes some.

Things like this break my heart.
I don't believe people write things or do things to intentionally hurt people, but unfortunately what we say and write can in fact hurt. I have done or said things that hurt someone; it's no fun. We all need to remember to support people -- not tear them down..


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