I love Guns and Hoses! I think it's one of the best events we have in Evansville. The roaring of the crowd, the fights, the pyrotechnics and most of all the heart and soul the fighters pour into these fights make this fight electric.
I have been several years but this was the first year I was backstage and able to appreciate it in a different way.

The night is made up of 36 fighters, their families who support them, coaches, Mickey, 911 Gives Hope Board of Directors, volunteers, lights and sound techs and 10,000 members of our community.

The fighters train hard all year to prepare for their 5 minutes in the ring. It was inspiring watching the fighters get warmed up and wait with anticipation to get in the ring.

911 Gives Hope announced on their Facebook page, "Thank you all for your support, encouragement and attendance! We raised well over $125,000 for area charities and $16,000+ more than last year." WOO HOO!! That is amazing!!

Here are some photos from 2017 Guns and Hoses...don't miss it next year! BTW- GUNS WIN!!


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