Sure, on the surface it may seem like a ridiculous idea to get married at the Fall Festival. But maybe these reasons will change your mind.


Fall is already a really popular time for weddings...Fall Festival is obviously very popular for thousands of people. Seems like the two might go well together.

Why a Fall Festival wedding is a good idea:

  1. Food (lots of food) - EVERYONE is happy!
  2. Live music - they have live music all weekend! Just pick your favorite entertainer!
  3. A nice, large dance area.
  4. Great weather - hopefully. The Fall Fest can be blazing hot or really chilly. But, the past few years have been pleasantly warm.
  5. A built-in clean up crew. But, you won't make too much of a mess, right?
  6. It's a free venue!
  7. There's plenty to do after you cut the cake.
  8. Awkward wedding interactions will be at a minimum since you'll be out scavenging for your own wedding meal.
  9. You don't need to invite your real family. You automatically have a guest list - whoever is already at the Fall Fest!
  10. And a very colorful backdrop for photos that will last forever.
  11. BONUS: And if you don't an officiant to marry you, I'm 100% sure you can find a bonafide Internet approved minister to do the deed!
  12. DOUBLE BONUS: You can carry a bouquet of fried foods on a stick!

Okay...some of those make sense. And now for the other side of the argument.

Why a Fall Festival wedding is a horrible idea: 

  1. Could not find a less romantic setting if you tried.
  2. Everybody has to pay for their own food - which is cool for the bride and groom but it's not cool for the guests who came to see you. (Ashley: You can totally give everyone $15!)
  3. Photo bombers - toothless photo bombers.
  4. It's supposed to be an intimate event with your spouse and your closest loved ones. Not, 100,000 of Jimtown's elite.
  5. The unmistakable scent of deep fried food will overpower the lovely aroma of your flowers.
  6. All of the God-awful karaoke singers who might end up being your entertainment.
  7. You have the option of carrying a bouquet of fried foods. :o/

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