We all remember playing with empty boxes growing up...it was so much fun! Well my dog MAX seems to think it's pretty cool too. He's a happy puppy!

Our dog's name is Max...he's a ShihPoo (part Shih Tzu and part Poodle). He probably thinks his name is Dumb Dog since I call him that all the time. I say it with love cause he's a goober and he does dumb stuff. Isn't that why we love dogs? Regardless, he brings so much joy to my wife and kids and we love him dearly. He sometimes even brings joy and laughter to my extended family.

On this day, we learned that Max loved going for rides in this box. How do we know he liked it? Because he was smiling of course! His tongue did this weird curly thing and he had an actual smile on his face. And clearly, we were all having fun too.

Does your dog ever smile? Isn't it the best thing ever? What does it take to make your dog smile?

Happy National Love Your Dog Day!

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