With many of us working remotely these days, companies have had to find new ways to have face-to-face meetings and the most popular way currently is Zoom.

In addition to being useful for meetings and just having get-togethers with friends and family virtually, Zoom has also proven to be a source of entertainment. Early on, someone figured out that you can turn yourself into a potato with Zoom. You can also give yourself a virtual background to make it appear that you're on a tropical island, in an aisle full of toilet paper, or even on the set of popular television shows and movies.

Those are all great, but they don't hold a candle to the newest Zoom perk that Business Insider has revealed - you can now invite a llama or a goat to be a part of your Zoom meeting, but it will cost you.


These hoove-having, fun loving animals are residents of Sweet Farm, an animal sanctuary in Half Moon Bay, Cali. The rescue has set up a service that they call "Goat 2 Meeting." The service will cost you anywhere between $65 and $750 depending on what type of experience you'd like to hoof, er, have. (They're also offering virtual school field trips for free.)

Not a baaaa-ad idea to bring some smiles to people's faces and help out with the costs of running an animal sanctuary.

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