Getting out to do some running, shopping, errands, what have you, comes with a certain set of stressors. You have to deal with potentially yucky weather, masks (and those without masks), finding your item(s), waiting in line, and paying for your stuff, all while navigating your way through people who are always pleasant and easy to deal with. But before any that fun stuff happens, you must first find a place to park - that alone can be an adventure.

We asked our listeners to tell us about the worst parking lots in the Tri-State (in their opinion). What makes a parking lot the worst? These are some of the factors that I take into consideration.

  • Size: Is it so big that I have to walk a day and a half to reach the store? Is is so small that there are never enough spaces?
  • Quality: Is it a nicely paved lot, free of pot holes and other hazards? Is it well lit? Do I feel safe?
  • Difficulty: Is it easy to maneuver my way through the lot? Is it confusing, do I find myself unknowingly going the wrong way?

Now, before I share the list, let me just say that the quality of the parking lot (or lack thereof) has nothing to do with the quality of the business itself. For example: Parlor Donuts is on this list, but that has zero to do with their donuts, In fact, you show me someone who doesn't like Parlor Donuts and I'll show you someone who probably thinks communism is pretty neato. You see what I'm saying, right? Okay, here we go - and the list is in alphabetical order, to keep it as 'fair' as possible.

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13 of the Tri-State's Worst Parking Lots

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