Ever walk into a public restroom and wonder why the stall doors don't go all the way to the floor?  While I appreciate the fact I can easily see under the stall to see if there's anyone in there, it does seem like a bit of privacy is wasted because, well anyone can see you're in there.  Apparently this stall door situation is pretty uniquely American.

It turns out part of the reason for this invasion of privacy is so it's easy to identify when someone is in the stall. It's also good for stopping people from engaging in any, um what's the family friendly word I'm looking for...unsavory?  Yeah, let's go with that, it helps deter people from engaging in any unsavory acts while in the public restroom.

Recently the Infographics show on YouTube took on the wild world of public restrooms, and shared some seriously interesting facts.  Like did you know that on average, the cleanest stall to use in a public restroom is the first stall?  Also flushing the toilet with your foot will help you stay cleaner? I learned some facts that I am now happy to know, but also some I could have gone forever without knowing.

If you don't follow The Infographics show on YouTube, I highly recommend checking them out.  They put out videos frequently answering all kinds of questions, some you probably didn't even know you had (like the bathroom question above). They also do really interesting deep dives on criminals, which the true crime junkie in me always appreciates.

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