My kids are 17 and 14, so I am clearly way out of the loop when it comes to popular children’s entertainers. I mean, when my kids were toddlers, we were all about shows like The Wiggles, JoJo’s Circus, Little Einsteins, and just about anything the Disney Channel had to offer. There was no doggone Baby Shark or Peppa Pig (thank the Lord!). There also wasn’t YouTube, I mean, there was YouTube, but not like we know it now. There weren’t people (at least not as many) making a living by creating YouTube content. Nowadays, you don’t need a cable network or syndication deal to be seen by millions of people – you just need a YouTube channel. Don’t believe me, ask Blippi.

Who or what is Blippi? If you don’t have toddlers in your life, you probably don’t know, I sure didn’t, until this weekend. So, let me tell you what I do know – the basics. According to, he is a “fun, energetic character known for his signature blue and orange outfit and his entertaining and educational videos. He helps teach kids colors, letters and so much more!” What it doesn’t say is just how ridiculously popular Blippi is and that his creator, Stevin John, is a multi-millionaire because of these videos. Sidenote: Really, Stevin, you spell your name with an “i”? Come on, dude!

The next question you might be asking is why I know about the Blippi fella? Well, I recently donned his signature blue and orange outfit. Why? Well, I apparently resemble Blippi – enough so that I was asked to make a surprise appearance, as Blippi, at a young girl’s birthday party. I know the family and they are sweet, sweet people, so it was my pleasure to help. If I was going to convince the birthday girl that I was Blippi, I needed to familiarize myself with him. That’s when I learned that there’s really nothing special about what this guy does. As far as I can tell, he just visits different places and walks around acting and talking like a goofball. It kinda makes me mad, only because I didn’t think of it first – so maybe it’s more jealousy than anger.

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So, what do you think – do I look like Blippi? I can kind of see it. Maybe Blippi in 15 years – I can definitely see that. Watch this video (if you can handle it) and let me know.

Birthday Girl Gets Surprise Visit From Her Favorite Character

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