It’s Bracket Time!

I LOVE this time of year… in fact, I just attended the Big 12 Tournament in Kansas City, MO to watch my beloved Mountaineers (sorry Tri-State) lose in the Championship game. But you know what, even a loss is a fun time when it’s “College Basketball Baby” [typed in my best Dick Vitale styling].

So I got to thinking… what IS the best formula for filling out a bracket?

There’s the old tried and true method… pick the higher seeds. Pick your favorites. Pick the ones with the coolest logo or silliest name.

But this year… friends, it’s the coin flip!!! I’ll flip for each game… higher seeded team is Heads, lower seed team is Tails. To see how this quarter flipping party went, please see my attached bracket – and follow along to see how well this quarter…

Jason Moore
Jason Moore

…does in the 2017 NCAA Tournament. Want to have some fun and have a chance to win big?

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 7.22.32 PM


I want to make two very clear points. #1 – I did this legit, WVU made it to the Finals on a Coin Flip, NOT because I’m a super fan. #2 – If you don’t believe me, Northern Kentucky beat UK in the first round and went to the FINAL FOUR. Outside of those two points, I don’t think the coin did too awful bad! Good luck on your bracket this year. And hey, if you win the million dollars on a coin flip… could you share?


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