Rob Thomas recently released his 4th solo album, and is currently on the road with the Chip Tooth Smile tour. Bobby and Liberty have your chance to win tickets to the September 4, 2019 show at The Palace in Louisville this week, on the MY Morning Show! Every morning at 7:10 A.M caller 5 (812.421.1117) will have the chance to play 'Rob or Dare'. Liberty will ask you a Rob Thomas trivia question, if you get it correct, you win! If you don't know the answer, you will be given a 'Dare':

Photo: Bohlsen Group
Photo: Bohlsen Group

About The Venue: 

Since it's opening in 1928, millions of patrons have come to The Louisville Palace for the finest movies and best in live entertainment. Rededicated in 1994, The Louisville Palace is alive and well, and the Louisville community is enriched by the multitude of exciting performances. Today, the name is synonymous with the finest in touring Broadway attractions, local, national, and international performing arts presentations, classic films, and concert engagements featuring contemporary, gospel, R&B, variety, comedy, and country artists. A treasure to generations of Louisvillians, the theatre's legacy as Louisville's grand Palace for entertainment continues!

The Louisville Palace offers a robust stage presence with audio equipment and visual lighting to match the passion of our visiting performance artists

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