What is KeVita?  Is it a city?  a car?  a casserole?  a game?  a language? 

KeVita is none of the above.  KeVita is a sparkling probiotic, organic drink that I found while shopping at The Fresh Market in Evansville over the weekend.  I've never heard of it or tried it before!

credit by Deb Turner
credit by Deb Turner

I picked up the KeVita bottle and began reading about all the ingredients.  The label read:  KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink, Mojita Lime Mint Coconut, USDA Organic.  Mmmmm.   I love all those flavors!  And, it was only 20 calories, 4g sugar, 50 mg of sodium. The ingredients listed: purified water, KeVita probiotic culture, coconut water, natural mojito flavor, lime extract, vanilla extracts, etc.

It comes in a glass bottle and weighs 15.2 fl. oz.  KeVita assures you that it's "crafted with live probiotics and the finest organic ingredients."  They also have a wide variety of of other light and delicious fruit flavors like "Lemon Ginger" and others.  So, I bought just two bottles of the Lime Mint Coconut flavor.  As soon as I got back to my car with all my groceries, I opened one up and drank a big swig of my KeVita!  It's not an over powering flavored drink, either!  The taste was light and quenched my thirst!

So, over the weekend, I visited 2 other grocery stores and also found KeVita sparkling probiotic drinks there!  Schnuck's in Newburgh and Wal Mart in Newburgh also carries KeVita.  So, I purchased some more bottles at both of these grocery stores! As soon as I got home, I cut up a fresh lime and added that to my Lime Mint Coconut drink with some chunky ice!  Yum!    I think I'm hooked on KeVita! I brought a bottle into work today!

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