There are three yards on my street, that have had their grass cut maybe 1 time this summer! I can't just knock on their door and ask if they could please stop making the neighborhood a jungle, because no one lives in them! The houses aren't even for sale! The owners, or people living in them just up & left! I did a little research on weeds, and according to, a weed is any tall grass that is over 9 inches long. I wanted to see just how tall the grass at these houses had gotten, so I used Chase as my measuring tool.

Chase and the Magic Weedstalk! Photo by Liberty
This one comes with a side of trash. Photo by Liberty
This one is not as high, but still over 9 inches. Photo by Liberty

What can be done about this jungle in my neighborhood? Since I live in the county, it looks like I'll need to contact the County Garage or Commissioner. After that, the inspector will come out and leave a pink flag at the house. There was a pink flag at 2 of these properties, but I assumed it was for measuring the property line. I'll wait and see what happens next! If you are having the same issue in your neighborhood, call 812-436-7885, and they should be able to help.

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