In another addition of "what the what?"  The internet has blessed us with another crazy, weird, disturbing food combination.  It's salty and sweet but the weirdest variation I think I have ever seen.

Thanks to a website called Vulgar Chef, we now have the unsettling combination of Rice Krispie treats and hot dogs.  Yes, you read that right hot dogs mixed into Rice Krispie treats.  What will they think of next?  Fruity Pebble crusted lobster?  Anyway, the latest food debauchery to hot the internet is no more than making a tray of the classic treat but now you add in an entire package of chopped up, boiled hot dogs.

In case you are wondering, yes, there is a video out there as well that will guide you through the entire process.  But to save you some time and nausea I'll run you through it real quick.

There you have it.  How to make your very own Rice Crispy hot dogs.  You are welcome.

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