It's really difficult to be funny on command, but that is what's asked of us on a daily basis. They put us in a room and said "play Password and make us laugh!"

Well we certainly made ourselves laugh, and completely failed at playing Password. It's a simple game isn't it? I thought so. Leave it us (my buddies Ryan O'Bryan, The Rob and Gavin Eddings) to make it really complicated. And our game master, Ashley Sollars, didn't help with her choice of passwords. Good Lord!

I'll say this though, if you think idiotic, childish humor is funny and you have about seven minutes to kill, you'll probably get a kick out of this video. Honestly, this is what you get when you put four professional broadcasters in a room with no real direction and turn us loose. And on a quick side note...can you imagine what it's like to try and conduct a meeting with us in the room? Yeah, it's a challenge!

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