It's a bird, it's a plane, nope just a bizarre red/orange object in the sky that no one has any idea what it is.

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Personally, and I don't know why I think it looks like a plane. I mean I can see the wings and the body of the plane. Why it's that color and not a regular color of an airplane, that I can't explain, but it does look like an airplane to me.

Lately, there have been several unidentified objects in the sky that have us all scratching our heads. The fireball over Illinois last week, the massive UFO sightings over the past year with some taking place right here in the Tri-States. Look, I believe in a lot of unexplained things (mainly ghosts and spirits) but aliens and UFOs I just can't. especially in today's world with drones, it's hard to not say that an unidentified object is not a drone in the sky at night. Drones do have lights so it would explain a lot of sightings lately.

No matter what you believe, there's so many video out in cyberspace proving that we are not alone in this galaxy. I think I will leave the alien, UFO and we are not alone conspiracies to Hollywood.

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