Our local shelters and rescues are doing the best they can to keep up with the animals coming through their doors. Unfortunately, it is kitten season which means many shelters locally are finding themselves full to the brim with cats.  The Warrick County Animal Control posted a status with a photo of a sweet kitten named Effie. Effie came to them as a stray but has a lot of health problems that need to be addressed. They say with Effie's vet bills, plus the vet bills of 3 other animals, they need to raise $1,500 to pay some of them off.  They need to get the vet bills paid in order to help other animals that come through their door.

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Here's what Warrick County Animal Control said about Effie, and the vet bill situation on their Facebook page today:

Stray~Effie~This poor little kitten is in bad shape. We took her to the veterinarian today and she is on several meds to help with her anemia, dehydration, poor appetite and lethargy. Her prognosis is poor but we are trying. Please consider a donation so we can keep helping animals like her. We currently are now trying to raise $1500 for 4 animals and haven't even reached a 1/4 of what we need to cover these animals. IF we are not able to raise funds we will NOT be able to help the next animal that enters our doors. You can donate directly to WVC 812-897-4855, Snail Mail to WAG PO Box 783, Boonville, IN 47601, or via Paypal wagtreasurer@gmail.com.

If you are able to help please do. If you are in a position to foster or adopt an animal please also consider helping our local shelters out in that way as well.  However I understand not everyone is in that position, so if you aren't a monetary donation is a really great and easy way to help our local shelters out.

The shelters in our community are full of truly compassionate people, and I'm so thankful for the work they do to help our homeless animal population.

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