Evansville's own historic Bosse Field is in the running for Best of the Ballparks from Ballparkdigest.com.   What does that mean?  The vote is an annual series of fan votes in a bracket-style tournament.  They are narrowing it down to the best ballparks in the four MLB Partner Leagues.  The partner leagues encompass 45 ballparks in former independent and affiliated leagues, but now the bracket is down the elite eight, and Bosse Field is among them!  Let's get Evansville's historic Bosse Field to the Final Four!

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In this round, Bosse Field is taking on Truist Point, home to the Highpoint Rockers in High Point North Carolina.  There's one day left to get your vote in for Bosse Field, and currently (well according to the time I'm writing this 1:30 PM on June 17th Bosse Field is ahead with  52% to 48% lead so it's still anyone's game at this point.  So be sure to vote! Here's where you can go to vote for Bosse Field.

Why should you vote for Bosse Field?  Well first of all if you're from the Evansville area you know just how important the field is to us, and there's so much history in this old field.  It's where our Evansville Otters play every summer, and where scenes from A League of Their Own were filmed.  But those aren't even the coolest parts of Bosse Field.  Did you know Bosse Field is the 3rd oldest working ballpark in America?  It's true! Bosse Field opened in 1915 and is only behind Chicago's Wrigley Field which opened in 1914 and Boston's Fenway Park which opened in 1912. So it's really cool that over 100 years later, Bosse Field is still in use, and draws crowds every summer.

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