Be honest, it's pretty cool when you can impress someone with a 'magic' trick. I love when someone does it to me and I love doing it to my friends. I recently learned a super easy way to read someone's mind, and I'm gonna show you.

First and foremost I have to give credit where credit is due. A big shout out to my little buddy JARET HOPPLE who showed me this trick and absolutely read my mind. I have his permission to share the secret with you today.

As you'll see in the video below, this totally worked on Stacey. And I promise that this was 100% legit. I wrote down her answer before I even saw her or asked her any questions. You're gonna have to take my word for it.

Here's what you do:

  1. You'll need to write down your/their final answer before you get started. Keep reading to see what answer to use.
  2. Ask your friend a number of basic, easy to answer questions. Tell them to answer as quickly as possible. I use five simple math questions.
  3. After the fifth question, ask them to name a vegetable.
  4. Odds are they will say either 'carrot' or 'broccoli'. You'll just have to roll the dice and pick one and hope that you're right.

Now this trick doesn't necessarily work 100% of the're gonna swing and miss from time to time. You're not really reading someone's mind, but you are betting that the odds are in your favor more times than not.

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