If you didn't hear the My Morning Show from Tuesday, then you really missed out on some fine broadcasting on my part (that's sarcasm). In over 20 years of being on the radio, I don't think my voice has ever sounded worse.

My buddy Gavin (midday guy for 106.1 KISS-FM) said I sounded like a gang member on one of those National Geographic shows and I was trying to disguise my voice. That's pretty fitting. Also imagine a donkey with a cold auditioning for American Idol. That's also pretty accurate. You can also just watch the video below to hear my angelic voice.

In the video I share some knowledge that my doctor laid on me about how to take care of my vocal chords. It's kinda counter intuitive and I've been doing it wrong for a long, long time. You probably have too. Check it out and you might just learn something new today.

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