We will be ringing in the New Year right on New Year's Eve because it also happens to be Taco Tuesday. That being said, I have found the perfect drink for your Taco Tuesday New Years Eve Party.

Whiskey Riff shared an article about a drink called the Hillbilly Margarita. This thing sounds delicious, and it is pretty easy to make. My New Year's Eve Party will consist of a taco bar and now I am adding this to the list. Check it out.

All you need to make the Hillbilly Margirita is:

  • Mountain Dew
  • Tequila of  your choice
  • Lime wedge and a salted rim to make it look all sorts of fancy

That's it! I told you it was easy to make, and it might be your new favorite adult beverage. Serve it on the rocks or frozen. Either way, I am sure you will love it. You're welcome.

Enjoy your New Year's Eve/Taco Tuesday and cheers!

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