To celebrate National Selfie Day, we asked you to post your last selfie to our Facebook page. Little did we know, we'd get some EPIC photos.

But there was one that struck our fancy. A fun-lovin' family apparently used their selfie stick appropriately and took the ugliest (or most awesomest) pic they could. Everyone, including the kids, made a 'face.'

All we can say is, NICE! Thanks to Natalie Lichtefeld and her crew for being such good sports!

family selfie-numbered

Let's examine what's really going on in this picture...

  1. The newest Crossfit craze...trying to lick your own cheek. He's going for a PR on this one!
  2. Or you can always try licking someone else. I find the shoulder to be extra yummy this time of year.
  3. Still waiting for my new lower jaw to arrive. Come on Amazon...mama wants to chew again!
  4. If I get a hold of that stick, I'm gonna beat every single one of you for making me take this ridiculous picture!
  5. Something warm, wet and stinky is rolling down my back. Thanks kid!
  6. Eeeeeeeewwwwwhhhhhhhrrrrr!!! (That's a loose translation)
  7. Where's the camera...over here or over there?!?
  8. Look, my molars are coming in!
  9. Ugh...I need a new family!

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