There still might be a chance for you to get your hands on more Girl Scout Cookies.

Over the past year, we have faced many shortages due to the pandemic. It all started with toilet paper and then the other shortages came one after another. However, we haven't heard too much about a surplus of items during the pandemic. It seems like we are currently in the midst of a surplus in a product that you may never have expected.

There is a massive Girl Scout Cookie surplus right now. In fact, there are about 15 million unsold boxes left over.  It's not because the infamous cookies are any less popular this year? It's also not because they discontinued my favorite cookie, Thank You Mores.  The reason behind the surplus is the pandemic. Most  Girl Scout troops couldn't do in-person sales during the pandemic, obviously. That meant that there were a lot of boxes left over, even though they had online sales and a partnership with Grubhub, that wasn't enough to make up for the lost in-person sales.

So what's going to happen with the 15 million unsold boxes of Girl Scout Cookies?

According to NPR, it appears that around 12 million of those boxes will remain with the two bakeries who produced them, Louisville, Kentucky-based Little Brownie Bakers and Brownsburg, Indiana-based ABC Bakers. It's unclear if they will be selling them in any fashion, but if they are, they are pretty close to the Evansville area...Girl Scout Cookie road trip!

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The remainder of the boxes (around 3 million) is with the Girl Scout councils who will either sell or donate them. You can check your local Girl Scout website to see if they're still taking orders. Or, you can buy boxes online through its Hometown Heroes program, which distributes cookies to health care workers, firefighters, and other frontline workers.

(H/T- NPR)

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