Thanks to the American Advertising Federation of Greater Evansville for trusting me and Stacey to host their American Advertising Awards. We had a blast getting dressed up and acting like professionals...kinda.

You may not realize that we have a LOT of really creative and talented people in the world of advertising here in the Tri-State. I think a lot of times we expect a "local" commercial to look like, well, a local commercial. Something with an obviously low budget and production value. And while that may be true in some cases, we also see some amazing locally produced commercials and advertising. Sometimes you may not even realize that you're seeing something produced by someone right here in town.

A big, big thanks again to the folks at MAGIC MOMENTS! They hooked us up with our amazing duds that evening. That took care of us on very short notice and we couldn't be more grateful! If you're looking for a prom dress or tux, or perhaps a wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses, you won't regret going to MAGIC MOMENTS, located at 6240 E. Virginia Street on the east side of Evansville. Call them at (812)422-7433.

(Ashley, Bobby, Stacey, James)
(Ashley, Bobby, Stacey, James)

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