I've been to many concerts in my lifetime - Def Leppard, John Mellencamp, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson & The Jacksons - with crazy things that went on before, during, or after the show.  Usually I'm the crazy one.... dancing the entire night!  Recently, at the Bruno Mars concert in Indy, I can't believe this happened. 

Even before Bruno hit the stage at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, my husband and I brought back some adult beverages to our seats.  I'm the wine drinker and that night was a special night...just celebrated my birthday a couple of days before the show and I became a "Nana" to my daughter's baby son, Roman who was only 2 weeks old.  So, I was going to have myself a lil' celebration!

So, I took a couple of sips of red wine, my favorite, and a couple of minutes later, I spilled the entire cup of red wine all over my blue jeans!  Well, mostly on the right side, but, OMG!  What a klutz!  lol.  So, I sat there all night long drenched in wine all over me!  lol.

Spilled red wine on my jeans! - Deb Turner
Spilled red wine on my jeans! - Deb Turner

I did get the stain out believe it or not!  I used a stain stick and rubbed it all over the stain, then soaked it all day in Tide laundry detergent.  Yay! I can still wear these jeans!

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