I have 4 kids, three- 4 year-olds and a 7 year old. I have built many forts in my life, mostly as a kid, however.

In the past I have failed as a strategic fort builder -- using heavy blankets and a prayer. As an adult, I have learned the engineering in fort construction and management. The key -- sheets and clothes pins.

This weekend I spent two hours building a fort in our living room...it was sweaty and exhausted when I was done. My husband and two of my kids were getting groceries so I was so excited to surprise them with this giant fort!

Stacey G
Stacey G

They started moving out of the tent about 20 minutes after I was done building it. I yelled in my silly mom mad - but I am not really mad voice -- "You all better get back in that fort and play in it all day!!" LOL

I looked at my husband and said. "They are playing in that fort all day-- I don't care if they have to go in time-out in that damn fort!" LOL.

We played in it, ate lunch in it, and took a nap in it. Sometimes I forget to be a kid and just have fun with my kids.

Fort building and the surprise was a success!

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