I saw The Quiet Place recently and I loved it but it wasn't as I expected.

John Krasinski seemed to be everywhere, promoting and talking about his new movie, "The Quiet Place." He used words "beautiful" to describe the movie and talked about the depth of the characters and the family. This drew me in. 

The family can't make any noise or the monsters will kill them. He gives praise to Millicent Simmonds, a deaf girl, who plays a deaf character. He talks about how she was instrumental in changing some of the dynamics of the film. This drew me in.

With that being said, I didn't watch the trailer, just a few clips shown during his interviews. I had no idea that is was a HORROR film! Ok, James said it was a thriller but it scared the crap out of me! Literally hands in front of my eyes kind of scared.

SPOILER ALERT- They can't make any noise because the monsters will eat them...THEY HAVE A FREAKING BABY!!!! I just can't with this.

I give it an: A 
James gave in an: A

It was awesome -- the actors were stellar, it was intense, great character development even though they couldn't talk, and it was a thriller (horror).

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