When we had Robbie Hall from the Evansville Thunderbolts in our studio this week, we couldn't resist the chance for Stacey to challenge him at air hockey. Stacey hates to lose, and I like to watch get worked up. Let's see what happened!

Robbie is a relatively new member of the Thunderbolts. He was our guest so we could discuss the Thunderbolts final game of the season which is this Saturday, April 8th. It's fan appreciation night and the Thunderbolts are offering buy one, get one free tickets, plus $2 hot dogs, $2 soft drinks and $3 beer! Come out and support the Thunderbolts as they wrap up their inaugural season at the Ford Center.

So do you think that Stacey has any chance at all against Robbie? Does being a great hockey player mean you're a good air hockey player too? Watch the video and find out!

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