For most young people in the Evansville area, Spring Break is from March 21-25. To those of you who are heading out of town or have plans, I say "Awesome, have a great time!" This article really isn't for you. If you fall into the other category - those of us who will be stuck at work all week - this article might just be for you. Actually, this information is directed at those of you with kids at home, who will be out of school with nothing to do.

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You know what they say about idle hands, right? Well, just imagine what the saying would be if we were talking about the idle hands, feet, and minds of a bunch of bored kids. Not good! Luckily the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville is here to keeps those hands, feet, and minds occupied during Spring Break.

The Club will be open from 11 am-4 pm each day during Spring Break. Lunch and a snack will be provided each day, along with a bunch of fun activities - and each day will have a special theme...

Monday, March 21st - Team Jersey Day

Indiana University Basketball
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In celebration of the NCAA Men's Championship Tournament, everyone is invited to represent in their favorite team jersey. Of course, it doesn't have to be IU, or Purdue, or UK - it doesn't even have to be a basketball jersey. Wear what you want!

Tuesday, March 22nd - Crazy Hat Day


On any other day of the year, this would just be a beat up old collinder - but on Tuesday, March 22nd it's a crazy hat. Find whatever you can find - the crazier the better - throw it on your head and call it a hat!

Wednesday, March 23rd - Blue & White Day

Boys& Girls Club of Evansville logo

The official colors of the Boys & Girls Club are blue and white, so it makes sense that you get to represent the club at least once during the week.

Thursday, March 24th - Favorite Shirt Day

Favorite shirt

No, it's not a repeat of Monday's theme, although you can wear a jersey again if you want to. Whatever your favorite shirt is, that's what we want to see.

Friday, March 25th - Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair

So, does that mean we just roll out of bed and come to club as is - because my hair never looks crazier than when I first wake up. This should make for some great pictures!

The Boys and Girls Club of Evansville will be open for Spring Break at both of their locations (see maps below), and they would love to meet your kiddo(s).

 OneMain Unit - 700 Bellmeade Avenue

Fulton Square Unit - 1328 Dresden 

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*While there are several camps on this list, it is entirely possible I missed a few. If you work, run, or participate in one not listed, please e-mail me the information and I'll gladly add it.

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