I've been seeing everyone in my news feed showing off the pretty painted rocks that they've found! Several communities in the Tri-State have groups dedicated to painting, hiding, and finding these rocks. My friend, LaVonna Armstrong paints some of the delicious (Cookies, pancakes & pie) looking rocks in Princeton, IN. I had so many questions, and she was happy to answer them :)


"We love spreading cheer on social media through the sharing of our rock art! The trend has taken off in recent months following a story covered on The Today Show featuring Megan Murphy from Massachusetts, the founder of Kindness Rocks Project!"

How did it get started?

"Megan had the idea of leaving painted stones in random places to simply brighten a stranger's day! All over the nation communities have adopted the cause and started their own local pages on Facebook. In Princeton our local group, Princeton Indiana Rocks (we trend as #PRH which stands for Princeton Rock Hunt) was organized by Jamie McClure and Niki Stivers who though it would be a great opportunity for families to become a little more active together! In our group (and those in surrounding areas) most rock designers will create a rock, label it with the group name, hide it, and post a picture and clue as to it's location. It's really a thrill to see the action within the group while your rock is being hunted! Once found the 'hunter' will take a picture of themselves with the rock, post it in the group as found, relocate the rock, and share another clue! On occasion, someone will fall in love with a rock and choose to 'Adopt' it. If you adopt a rock you are to create a new rock to hide in it's place!"

Who paints the rocks?

"The rocks are painted by any and everyone!"


What happens after you find a rock?

"Once found, a rock is to be relocated after a picture of the rock has been shared within the group in which it originated! Most rocks are labeled on the back with such information!"


Do you ever meet the person who painted the rock you found?

"On occasion, you may know the person who painted a rock you find! You most often link up with whomever's art you relocate as they are often in your group on Facebook and friends who recognize their work will tag them!"

Why do you think it's getting popular, what do you like about it?

"It's so easy and inexpensive to participate that anyone can take part! The craft isle paints are only about $.50 each. I painted my first rock was painted with nail polish and detailed with a sharpie!  I absolutely love all the positivity it adds to my newsfeed! It's also really neat to see families walking through town looking for pretties"


How many people are in the Princeton group?

"Currently the Princeton Indiana Rocks group has 2,395 Members! We grow everyday!"


I've also seen a Warrick County group, are the rocks interchangeable with different groups? Is there a marking to show where the rocks come from?

"There are groups everywhere now! It's really neat to see where your rock travels! I am a member of several groups in the area and recently became a member of a group out of West Virginia after finding one of their rocks here in Princeton! I was able to find the original artist and share that their beauty had made it's way to Indiana! Most rocks are labeled with a hashtag or group name so they can be shared with the group from which they originated!"


Can anyone participate, how?

"Yes!! Grab a rock, make it pretty, join a group! You're in!"

Thanks to LaVonna for answering all of my questions! If you're rock hunting in P'ton, you might find one of her rocks, pictured here!

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