Oh, snow...Here we go with that four-letter 'S' word in our weekend forecast. Now I know that some of you love snow and winter so much that if you could make a side hustle out of it, you would.


You Could Own Your Own Snow Cone Truck

Earlier this week I was making my through the latest Facebook Marketplace listings and came across not one, but two snow cone trucks for sale in Evansville. People aren't really thinking about buying snow cones right now, since there is snow in our forecast, so now is a good time to start learning how to 'Slay the Shave' before summer rolls around.

Let's find out more about these unique trucks, and then on to the forecast.

Let it Go

The first snow cone truck is just super-cute. You might've seen it in your neighborhood. It's a red trolly known as The Ice Box Snow Cone Company. The family that owns this business has decided to let it go because of the time it was taking away from their young kids and family. As far as I can tell from the listing, it comes with everything you would need to get the snowball rolling on your side hustle, including the Facebook page.

fb marketplace
fb marketplace

1995 Cushman Snow Cone Truck - $16,800 

The Talley Family's Reason for Selling:

All, we finished our year strong and had a great time serving, meeting, and talking with everyone we met and everyone who hired us! We learned a lot this year! Most important thing we learned is how much family time is missed every weekend and through the week. As all of you know we have 4 young kids. We want to focus on our family while they are still young and not miss it. The truck is great and is very profitable. It is also basically brand new mechanically. It’s a great side hustle and investment for someone. Your investment can easily be made back in the first year. We have a ton of supplies and everything you need to get started and plenty more! Check it out on marketplace! Please call/text with any questions. For the buyer, I can provide a few hours of training also. Thank you all so much! It was a great year doing this with all of you! You will get control of this fb page, if you want!

U-Do-It SnowKone Factory - $18,000


This is a totally different snow cone truck. It is a self-serve type of setup.


  • Hot and cold water sink
  • Self-serve flavor station
  • Horn Lights Wipers Heat and a fan inside the car
  • Seats 2
  • Goes roughly 35mph Street Legal
  • Everything works as it should all you will need is a snow cone machine
  • Definitely a money maker

Weekend Forecast Now Includes SNOW

A dusting of snow to possibly a half inch is possible on the grass late tonight in portions of southwest Indiana, southeastern Illinois and western Kentucky.

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